What makes our gin seasonal

What makes our gin seasonal

The term seasonal is thrown around a lot these days but we take it very seriously.

While we are running some experiments in the orchard, not everything needed to make our gin is readily available. So, for the crucial elements we use dried or semi dried products, until our farm reaches capacity.

Our seasonal ingredients will always include citrus of some form because they grow so well here. We’re keen to try new flavours and see what works well with the all important juniper and coriander flavours. 

When we say seasonal, we don't mean we're going to bring out a new gin every summer, autumn, winter and spring. What we are going to do is wait until every botanical is perfectly ripe and then we will create a new batch.

The base ingredients we use, that will be the same in every gin include juniper berries, orris root, cassia bark, coriander seeds and mulberry. These are our dried and semi dried ingredients that we have to find elsewhere. This flavour profile will carry through to all our gins to give them our unique signature.

Our seasonal ingredients for our current release, which are all grown locally, include rosella, finger lime, grapefruit, blood orange, lime and lavender. These botanicals are what give our gin such a bright punch and enables it to stand out in any cocktail.

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